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Visiting Friends

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This summer we went on a trip to visit some friends and celebrate Marie’s (Paige and Michelle’s friend) sweet sixteenth birthday! She had a formal dress party! After fixing hair and stuff like that, we all got in the car and we went to a shop/restaurant place and  ordered tea or sodas and we ate cake!! Then, we took some pictures. (see picture below)

Then we went to a park and had fun playing around on the fountains…

This is my friend (Kate) and I…

And the canoe statue!

Kate, M and I had a nice time. Thanks Marie:)

3 Responses to “Visiting Friends”

  1. Paige

    I enjoyed reading your post Faith!!! You did a great job. You and Kate are so cute together.=)

  2. Marie

    Your welcome Faith! i ha d a wonderful time with you and your family. Especially the night we stayed up til 3am. it was a wonderful birthday. Thanks for making it wonderful and fun!

  3. Momma

    My baby girl looks so grown up! Can you hear me sigh?
    We sure had fun, didn’t we?

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