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IMG_2876 (Small)My family and I completed this puzzle right before Easter.

I'm all wrapped up at V.B.S.

...representing a person who is dead in their sins.

That's not my hand. It's my dad's.

I'm glad Jesus died for my sins, and rose again!

4 Responses to “The Jesus Is Risen Puzzle!!”

  1. Nonnie

    Wow! Faith, you are an amazing puzzle worker! And this, my sweet grandddaughter, is a beautiful puzzle. I love you so much, sweetheart, and I’m glad you’re exactly who you are! Love forever, Nonnie

  2. Nonnie

    You look amazingly beautiful in your gorgeous dress, Faith! It’s a perfect dress for you, sweetheart. All of you beautiful girls must have had a great day celebrating Marie. Thanks so much for posting the photos, Faith. I’ve been trying to imagine how beautiful you all looked, and you’re all even more grown-up and gorgeous than I had imagined, my darling girl!

  3. bc

    Thank you Nonnie!!

  4. Momma

    I am glad Jesus died and rose again, too!

    Thanks for being such a great sport. Now, that is a wrap!

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