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The Puzzling Picture

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IMG_5285h (Small)This Thomas Kincaid puzzle was a hard one! But, isn’t it pretty? The picture frame was the hardest part for me. Grace, Paige, Mom, and I worked on this one. We finished it within three days, off and on…in the evenings and before school.

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  1. Nonnie

    Faith, you are the most amazing puzzle worker in the world! I would put you up against anybody. You amaze all of us, and we’re so proud of you that you have a wonderfully smart talent. i can’t wait for us to put that talent together as we make our quilts in a few weeks. (That’s kind of like working a puzzle, isn’t it?) I love you dearly, sweetheart, and I can’t wait to see you!

    By the way, sweetheart, you write beautifully!

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