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Patties And Hot Dogs

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This event happened when we went to Guadalupe Christian Camp last summer. We were having a family reunion.  The girl cousins, on my mom’s side of the family, slept in the same room as us (which was seven girls!). It was almost lunch time, and we were in our room getting ready (after playing basketball). Lynn (my cousin) told us that we were eating patties and hot dogs. We did not believe her. But then Ann ( Lynn’s sister) and Grace ( my sister) made up this cute joke about it:

Ann: “Hey Grace, what are we eating for lunch today?”

Grace: “Patties and hot dogs!”

Ann: “Patties come from cows right”?

Grace: “Yes”

Ann: “They’re the things that we step on, on the road, right?”

Grace: “Well, not exactly, but they do come from cows!”

Then they laughed hysterically. When we went to eat we asked the cook what we were eating. She said, “Patties and hot dogs!” We all laughed so much! And would you believe that Lynn didn’t even know that we were eating patties and hot dogs?

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  1. E. Kate

    That is sooooo funny. Marie showed me your blog today and I think that you are doing great!!!!! :) hope to see more!!!
    Love ya!!!!

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