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Happy B-day Uh-Oh!!!

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Today is my grandpa Uh-oh’s Birthday!!! He is a SUPER grandpa!!! Hope your day is great and you get to go fishing! Enjoy the blog, Uh-Oh!!! I am looking forward to spending time with you and Nonnie this summer!!! I love you SO much!!!

Love your granddaughter,


Uh-Oh LOVES to fish!

He loves Mexican food, burgers, and barbeque!

Thanks for being such a awesome grandpa to us, and a great husband, brother, and father to others!!!

Happy Birthday Uh-Oh!!!!! I love you SO much!!!

One response to “Happy B-day Uh-Oh!!!”

  1. Nonnie

    Thank you so much, sweet Faith, for thinking of your Uh-Oh and honoring him on his special day! He loved reading your blog and also can’t wait to see you this summer. Of course, we’ll go fishing … and other fun stuff. Uh-Oh got to fish the day after his birthday (and the day after that) and caught a lot of fish, so he had a great day. Thank you for the wonderful blog, our precious girl!

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