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My sisters and I have been apart of a choir this year, it is called Encore Youth Chorus. It is probably one of the most exciting choirs we have been to. Well anyway, my sisters Paige and Michelle went on tour with the rest of our choir. Grace and I didn’t go, and one of the reasons why is that there are too many people in our choir, our director said that it will give the Jr. Choir members something to look forward to. Although I did not sing in the choir, it was fun watching Paige and Michelle do a great job singing. While Paige and Michelle went on tour, the rest of my family went to our grandparents house to stay for a couple days. I was so excited to be there with my grandparents!! I had a wonderful time!

Here are some pics of the trip.

Pic of my grandparents, uncle and my family outside Curuth hall.

Here I am on a late walk.

Flying kites at the park.

Some of my siblings, my grandparents, my uncle, and I enjoying banana splits.

I had a fun time!!!!!!

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  1. Nonnie

    What a fun time we had! Your photos on that late walk are amazing! Everything was so much fun, and we were so glad to see you in the middle of the school year. That’s when it’s always harder to see each other, isn’t it? It was a special treat for us.

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