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The Beach

The other day (more like last month), we went to the beach! It was very fun! We built a sandman and we brought some inner tubes to float the waves! The beaches we went to were Rockport and Port A. Here are some pics of the trip:


This is Mr. Sandman. We enjoyed creating it!


Here is all of us around "Mr. Sandman".


This is a Moon jellyfish that we found near the shore.


This is a hermit crab we named "Barnacle Barn" (short for Barney) and because he had barnacles all over his shell.


I had so much fun at the beach! It was a really great trip!

Daddy is an AWESOME Dad. I love him so much. I love the times he takes us on hikes and I love the time we share as a family! Thank you for being an awesome father, son, husband, and so much more! I love you Daddy!!! Happy Father’s Day!!!

Hiking with Daddy :)

Today is my grandpa Uh-oh’s Birthday!!! He is a SUPER grandpa!!! Hope your day is great and you get to go fishing! Enjoy the blog, Uh-Oh!!! I am looking forward to spending time with you and Nonnie this summer!!! I love you SO much!!!

Love your granddaughter,


Uh-Oh LOVES to fish!

He loves Mexican food, burgers, and barbeque!

Thanks for being such a awesome grandpa to us, and a great husband, brother, and father to others!!!

Happy Birthday Uh-Oh!!!!! I love you SO much!!!