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The Beach

The other day (more like last month), we went to the beach! It was very fun! We built a sandman and we brought some inner tubes to float the waves! The beaches we went to were Rockport and Port A. Here are some pics of the trip:


This is Mr. Sandman. We enjoyed creating it!


Here is all of us around "Mr. Sandman".


This is a Moon jellyfish that we found near the shore.


This is a hermit crab we named "Barnacle Barn" (short for Barney) and because he had barnacles all over his shell.


I had so much fun at the beach! It was a really great trip!


My sisters and I have been apart of a choir this year, it is called Encore Youth Chorus. It is probably one of the most exciting choirs we have been to. Well anyway, my sisters Paige and Michelle went on tour with the rest of our choir. Grace and I didn’t go, and one of the reasons why is that there are too many people in our choir, our director said that it will give the Jr. Choir members something to look forward to. Although I did not sing in the choir, it was fun watching Paige and Michelle do a great job singing. While Paige and Michelle went on tour, the rest of my family went to our grandparents house to stay for a couple days. I was so excited to be there with my grandparents!! I had a wonderful time!

Here are some pics of the trip.

Pic of my grandparents, uncle and my family outside Curuth hall.

Here I am on a late walk.

Flying kites at the park.

Some of my siblings, my grandparents, my uncle, and I enjoying banana splits.

I had a fun time!!!!!!

Every summer we go to our grandparent’s house to spend some time with them.:) This year the girls and I made quilts with Nonnie!!:) I had never made my own quilt by machine before, so it was fun. It was great going to “The Ice Cream Place”, watching movies, and quilting. Speaking of quilts, Grace and I are hand sewing our own wall hanging quilt at our Co-op every Friday.


This is me at the machine:)

This is Nonnie and me with the first part of my quilt:)

I almost have my border ready!!!

This is my almost finished quilt!!

Oh, this is me blowing out the candles (it was my birthday, and Uncle Jay's too)

I had a wonderful time! Thanks Nonnie and Uh-oh!!:)

IMG_2876 (Small)My family and I completed this puzzle right before Easter.

I'm all wrapped up at V.B.S.

...representing a person who is dead in their sins.

That's not my hand. It's my dad's.

I'm glad Jesus died for my sins, and rose again!

This summer we went on a trip to visit some friends and celebrate Marie’s (Paige and Michelle’s friend) sweet sixteenth birthday! She had a formal dress party! After fixing hair and stuff like that, we all got in the car and we went to a shop/restaurant place and  ordered tea or sodas and we ate cake!! Then, we took some pictures. (see picture below)

Then we went to a park and had fun playing around on the fountains…

This is my friend (Kate) and I…

And the canoe statue!

Kate, M and I had a nice time. Thanks Marie:)