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IMG_2876 (Small)My family and I completed this puzzle right before Easter.

I'm all wrapped up at V.B.S.

...representing a person who is dead in their sins.

That's not my hand. It's my dad's.

I'm glad Jesus died for my sins, and rose again!

IMG_5285h (Small)This Thomas Kincaid puzzle was a hard one! But, isn’t it pretty? The picture frame was the hardest part for me. Grace, Paige, Mom, and I worked on this one. We finished it within three days, off and on…in the evenings and before school.

IMG_1360 (Small)We had more helpers with this one. We finished it within two days, working off and on. Those in the picture above helped work on the puzzle!

IMG_1355 (Small) (2)For Christmas, I got a “puzzle saver” thingy. It is neat! It is a green, felt square. There are two cardboard tubes that you use to roll it up. Then you use these Velcro straps to hold it together!

IMG_5159 (Small)I worked hard on this puzzle. I did most of it myself. I woke up extra early to work on it. The white part was the hardest.